Andrew Burns - Managing Director

Andrew ran his own successful consultancy business prior to joining Drive as managing Director. Around 90 per cent plus of his consultancy’s work was around internationalisation of software companies, from multi-billion dollar corporations NASDAQ-listed companies down to smaller concerns.

His consultancy looked at developing internationalisation strategies to cross the boundaries of languages, economies, pricing models, softwares and even time zones; addressing the need to globalise and localise software for differing tax regimes and business practices and varying market conditions and regulations.

This experience is especially pertinent to today’s fleet market, which is frequently characterised by boundary-crossing joint ventures, partnerships and wholly owned subsidiaries.


Martin Drake - Product Director

Martin has a successful career in IT spanning nearly 30 years. A Science degree at Leeds University, followed by solid grounding as a Programmer and Database Analyst with Honeywell Bull, led him into senior sales and Account Management roles working with major corporates and the public sector.

In 1990 Martin was part of the Management Team that acquired FCS Computer Services from the recently privatised National Freight Consortium, where as head of Sales and Marketing, Martin was responsible for establishing FCS and its Servitor product as a leading supplier to the Direct Services Organisations within local government.The success of the Servitor product and the expertise gained in the creation of Software to Manage Local Government Fleet requirements led to the creation of the initial DRIVE Fleet Management Software product.

In 2002 together with fellow Director Lorrie Rodia,  Martin Drake was responsible for acquiring and providing additional financing and support to purchase FCS Computer Services and to create Drive Software Solutions a privately owned UK business dedicated to the delivery of Vehicle Management, Contract Management and Leasing solutions to owners of large fleets of vehicles and complex assets.

Drive Software Solutions Ltd are the creators and suppliers of the DRIVE Fleet Management and Leasing software product - a single generic product that can support vehicle management requirements worldwide. The product, the brainchild of Martin Drake, represents over 150 man-years of effort by DSSL development staff.The DRIVE product is currently installed worldwide on four continents with clients in Australia, Africa, North America and mainland Europe as well as a number of prominent private and public sector users in the UK.

A Yorkshireman and passionate motor racing enthusiast, skier and bon viveur, he is married with 3 children and lives in Cambridgeshire.

Lorrie Rodia

Lorrie Rodia - Director

Lorrie has worked in the IT industry for 39 years. His industry experience and specialisations have included bureau services, computer operations and customer support.

Lorrie started his professional life as an operator of ICL mainframes in the early 1970's. He went on to become the North London Data Centre Manager for the National Freight Consortium (NFC) with responsibility for managing the bureau services operation to internal and external customers. The services provided included data preparation and printing and mailing services. In addition was also responsible for creating a Disaster Recovery and Support Services line of business for the Honeywell Bull DPS6 range of hardware.

Along with fellow director Martin Drake, Lorrie was part of the management team that purchased FCS Computer services from the NFC which went on to become DRIVE Software Solutions in 2002.

In his current role, Lorrie is responsible for Finance, Administration and Infrastructure.

A lifelong Tottenham Hotspur supporter, Lorrie is married with 2 children and has a keen interest in travel.


Simon West Oliver


Simon West-Oliver - Marketing Director

Renowned Fleet Industry IT expert with over 30 years of experience. Responsible for launching the FOCIS (Fleet Operators Computerised Information System) in 1988, which dominated the standalone micro based solutions space the early years of the development of such systems.

With Tektronix and then the EURO group West-Oliver pioneered some of the most successful early telematics devices and fuel management solutions. Simon joined FCS Computer Services in 1996 to launch the DRIVE product. He took a sabbatical to join the supply chain dotcom boom in 1999 becoming the Sales and Marketing Director for KEWILL/SWISSLOG and eventually the Managing Director of OBS.

In 2003 Simon returned to help DRIVE grow its global presence, since then DRIVE has become the market leader in the large/complex fleet arena and is now used by more of the world’s leading vehicle leasing companies, utilities and telecoms fleets than any other.

Educated at Keio University in JAPAN and a former three times European karate champion, Simon is famous for his unique approach to software sales

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