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DRIVE is built on the renowned Oracle platform, widely accepted as being one of the most reliable platforms for deploying business applications. As a result DSSL has over 20 years' experience in developing and deploying DRIVE using Oracle Technologies and is proficient at integrating new technologies into our proven solution. This means not just the tried and tested Oracle Forms and PL/SQL but also the Java web based tools used in our customer facing eFleet module.

In addition we are now undertaking new development using the Oracle Application Development Framework (Oracle ADF), Oracle's end-to-end Java EE toolset.

DRIVE Development Team

All development work on DRIVE is conducted by our multidisciplinary development team, based at our Headquarters at Stevenage in the UK. A blending of functional and technical skills along with close contact with our clients and our own business analysts enables us to achieve solutions that meet the requirements of our market.

DRIVE Development Capability

The DRIVE Development department provides an in house capability to develop both strategic products and custom enhancements.
Fundamental to DRIVE is the principle of one generic core product and a software design that has enabled the seamless integration of client and country specific features into this generic product.

For custom enhancements, DSSL business consultants and development team work initially with our clients to establish requirements and a rough cost for the work. If both parties agree we proceed to a detailed functional definition and, in most cases, a fixed price quote in order to gain client approval before undertaking software development. This robust process has the benefit of enabling clients to monitor and control their commitment and expenditure.

The DRIVE software development methodology incorporates leading development methodologies with the demands of a single stream software product requiring client tailorable capabilities. Our commitment to quality improvement means that this methodology is itself subject to continuous enhancement as we seek to deliver more efficiently and effectively.

DRIVE Testing Team

As part of its commitment to delivering quality software DSSL maintains a separate testing function to provide quality control on all software that we develop. This team is also located at our headquarters in Stevenage which once again ensures access to experienced business analysts and consultants which contributes to the validity of our testing.

Our testing processes use the class leading HP Quality Centre to provide a complete quality management infrastructure. As part of our programme of continuous improvement we continue to investigate further tools and innovations in testing procedures.

In addition the Testing Team often works with our clients to develop a combined approach to testing in order to improve the scope and coverage

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DRIVE is a complete Leasing, Rental and Fleet Management software solution relevant to all vehicle management operations, and suitable for cars, commercial vehicles and specialist vehicles such as materials handling.

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