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  • Edition 12


    Technology companies would do well to remember that what they do is make tools which help other people’s business work better. 

    At DRIVE, we have spent the past 20 years working in the world of fleet leasing and vehicle management, so we know that our mission is to help our vehicle leasing and fleet customers do what they do more efficiently than anyone else.

    Something else that we have learned is that one size does not necessarily fit all. There are leasing companies that span 20 or more countries with tens of thousands of customers and myriad legal entities and there are leasing companies that focus on one local market. Similar challenges, totally different scale. So that’s why we have developed DRIVE Direct, a solution that gives the small local heroes the same DRIVE firepower as global market leaders.

    Simon West-Oliver, DRIVE Sales Marketing Director

  • Edition 11


    As a reader of DRIVE Talk, if your customers are like everyone else's, then they are increasingly looking for flexible transport solutions which can cope with employee lifestyle needs, and business driven changes of planes, trains and automobiles, known as mobility.

    The key problem most leasing and fleet management organisations have with mobility is how to deliver an increasingly complex set of business services to their customer without tying themselves in knots. At DRIVE, we create the technology that is enabling some of the most successful leasing and fleet management organisations to deliver the mobility solutions their customers.

    In this edition of DRIVE Talk we look at Mobility, what it means for organisations like yours and how you can bring world class service to your customers.

    Simon West-Oliver, DRIVE Sales Marketing Director

  • Edition 10


    One of the hottest buzz phrases in business at the moment is Big Data and in fleet leasing virtually everyone I talk to agrees it has huge implications for how fleets will be run, but privately most leaseco directors are unclear on where to start.

    Think about it, as vehicles become increasingly 'connected' they produce more data that can be used for management and as the fleet and vehicle leasing sector gets involved in end to end mobility solutions, the volume of data available will multiply exponentially.

    Recognising that one of the biggest challenges for leasing companies will be having sufficiently robust systems to manage and make sense of all that data our Technical Director Martin Drake is using this issue to look at some of the key big data wins to be had for leasing companies.

    Simon West-Oliver, DRIVE Sales Marketing Director

  • Edition 09


    Talk of opportunity might sound premature and even bullish in the current market. However there’s no denying that those organisations happy to stop panicking for long enough to take honest inventory of their situation are, if not flourishing, then doing something better than merely surviving.

    Taking care of core business without being side-tracked by the unnecessary distractions of transient non-core business is key to consolidation from where growth can eventually emerge.

    In understanding what lies at the heart of our own businesses, we can better apply our expertise to the enterprises of others. At DRIVE we describe this as advocacy of advice based on expertise. Whatever you call it, the key is maintaining focus.

    Simon West-Oliver, DRIVE Sales Marketing Director

  • Edition 08

    Simon-West-OliverNow more than ever we need full transparency within our businesses and their processes, both from an internal perspective and also to meet the needs of external demands.

    Due diligence and compliance can’t be ignored. Also, many businesses need to attract inward investment, and many of them are for sale.

    If your business operates with a single, robust system in place, you have true visibility of what’s going on. That’s what DRIVE delivers.

    Meanwhile, the businesses that succeed in the current climate are those continuing to push forward. Key to that is recruiting the right people.

    DRIVE has made Paul Garvin Director of Professional Services and Alan Leakey Development Director to futher improve our customers’ experience.

    Simon West-Oliver, DRIVE Sales Marketing Director

  • Edition 07

    Simon-West-OliverTo any business, a new IT implementation can be a daunting prospect. That trepidation is often justified where the suppliers of the new systems have an inadequate understanding of the industry a company is working in and how it conducts its business. Compound that with the problems of dealing with migration of data from legacy systems, and the need to conduct adequate testing and consultation alongside ongoing business operations and the potential for calamity grows exponentially.

    As with any major strategic operation, the keys to a successful implementation are planning and consultation. Look at your potential providers existing client base and the technology their offering is based on. After all, success can only be built on a solid foundation.

    Simon West-Oliver, DRIVE Sales Marketing Director

  • Edition 06


    Simon-West-OliverIf we are to evolve we have to embrace change. Easily said; harder to put into practice, especially when the challenges of today's changes take many different forms.

    For our part at DRIVE, we've had some fairly big changes lately, most notably a new managing director in the form of Andrew Burns.

    His is a perfect appointment for DRIVE as his experience as a consultant saw him working across international boundaries with all the potential pitfalls that entails. Challenges we face across the vehicle leasing industry as it evolves.

    Internationalisation and the changing global market are the central themes of this issue of DRIVE Talk. We hope it gives you some useful food for thought.

    Simon West-Oliver, DRIVE Sales & Marketing Director

    Enjoy this edition, or click here to see our page turning edition!

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  • Edition 13


    Welcome to the latest edition of DRIVE Talk, the newsletter that aims to help you get behind the big technology stories and how they will likely impact the vehicle leasing business.

    There is a pretty good chance that you are reading DRIVE Talk on a phone or some other mobile device and that headlong shift to mobile and what it means to your fleet customers is just one of the things we’ll be touching on in this issue.

    With the pace of change for fleets and their drivers speeding up all the time, we’ll be putting the hype to one side and looking at the opportunities and threats around new mobility services that could be forming part of your service offer to your leasing and fleet management customers sooner than you think

    Simon West-Oliver, DRIVE Sales Marketing Director


  • Edition 14


    Nothing stays the same for long and that is especially true in the world of fleet management and vehicle leasing right now.

    The burgeoning internet of things is heading for automotive as surely as night follows day, with vehicle manufacturers rushing to deliver exciting new services thanks to their latest generation of connected cars.

    For the world of fleet management, mobility is a much-discussed concept, but the killer challenge for most is how to deliver what the customer wants, i.e. seamless switching between different modes of transport, without drowning in crazy levels of extra admin behind the scenes. In this edition of Drive Talk our Product Director Martin Drake explains how it’s being done.

    This is an exciting time for DRIVE as our technology is now helping some of the most successful leasing and fleet management organisations to begin to deliver mobility solutions their customers, giving them a real edge in the market.

    Simon West-Oliver, DRIVE Sales Marketing Director



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