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Vehicle disposal – are you chucking money away?

through money awaySomeone’s making a lot of money out of the cars coming off your fleet. Shouldn’t it be you?

When it comes to the disposal process, an awful lot of companies just shove their vehicles out to auction. It’s surprising there isn’t greater creativity in this area, for example selling them to your drivers. Yes, what some may want in a second car may not be what they want in a company car; often what they want is somebody else’s company car. Most people don’t want two of the same car.

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Things have changed; we need to talk

We nee to talkChanging platforms and means of technology delivery mean that consultation is more important than ever

In recent years many organisations moved their strategies to intranet-based solutions and that had an impact on the solution types used in our business. Now lots of organisations are seeking to de-risk themselves out of those environments, using the internet for host provision, with solutions hosted by a third party or provider instead of putting them on their own topology. In this way they avoid having to bring in their own support people and analysts, pushing the responsibility for those functions back onto the third parties.

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Latest Fleet Funding Results

fleet_funding_survey_01New funders are showing themselves in the market place but in general funding is still significantly short of demand

The Vehicle Leasing Finance survey, examines the changes in funding options available to leasing companies over the last three years. It assesses the various factors that are important to leasing companies with finance suppliers, and it looks at their levels of satisfaction.

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