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Simon-West-OliverTo any business, a new IT implementation can be a daunting prospect. That trepidation is often justified where the suppliers of the new systems have an inadequate understanding of the industry a company is working in and how it conducts its business. Compound that with the problems of dealing with migration of data from legacy systems, and the need to conduct adequate testing and consultation alongside ongoing business operations and the potential for calamity grows exponentially.

As with any major strategic operation, the keys to a successful implementation are planning and consultation. Look at your potential providers existing client base and the technology their offering is based on. After all, success can only be built on a solid foundation.

Simon West-Oliver, DRIVE Sales Marketing Director

Don't Let Your Project Fail

Project fail

Fail to plan and you plan to fail but don't be put off by implementation horror stories

It might have been Roosevelt or it might have been Churchill who said, “There is nothing to fear but fear itself.” To paraphrase those two eminent statesmen, when it comes to IT implementation there is nothing to fear but failure. But that apprehension is one that paralyses many IT projects and can even lead to a proposed migration being stillborn. An understanding of why projects fail or do not succeed in meeting their objectives is key to avoiding such pitfalls for your own implementations.

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Killer App

slide killer app

Quotation Acceptance, Vehicle Ordering, Delivery and Acceptance

Within the Drive system, the Leasing Company takes the Order and, if configured, optional or mandatory credit checks can be made at each stage. When this work is done, Quotation Acceptance by the Leasing Company automatically initiates several processes:

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DRIVE's New Website

slide dss website

Drive Software Solutions has launched a new website – to allow you to explore the efficiency benefits integrated technology can deliver to their operations

For leasing companies and large fleets wrestling with complex legacy systems, the new site features a clear and easy to follow overview of the key functional areas where the greatest efficiency savings can be generated for their businesses. This is backed up by a detailed examination of mission critical modular areas including finance, leasing and contract management, billing maintenance and workshop and stores.

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DRIVE Set's Up Down Under

slide downunder

Just months since the appointment of new Managing Director Andrew Burns, Drive Software Solutions has already embarked on a global growth strategy

Drive have seen a significant uplift in demand for their system in Australia thanks to the increasing diversity of vehicle lease contracts which have evolved to serve a changing employment and tax landscape. The firm's Oracle based Drive system is particularly in demand in the Australian market thanks to the increased popularity of Novated Leasing, which has brought added complexity to vehicle leasing company relationships with customers and suppliers.

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What DRIVE Clients Have to Say

Although there is a time difference between our office and Drive's support centre of six hours, we have never faced any issues with support. We are actually very pleased about the support. Support is very fast and Driveseems to have an in-house expert in every single leasing business process.

ALD Automotive USA

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