Edition 08

Simon-West-OliverNow more than ever we need full transparency within our businesses and their processes, both from an internal perspective and also to meet the needs of external demands.

Due diligence and compliance can’t be ignored. Also, many businesses need to attract inward investment, and many of them are for sale.

If your business operates with a single, robust system in place, you have true visibility of what’s going on. That’s what DRIVE delivers.

Meanwhile, the businesses that succeed in the current climate are those continuing to push forward. Key to that is recruiting the right people.

DRIVE has made Paul Garvin Director of Professional Services and Alan Leakey Development Director to futher improve our customers’ experience.

Simon West-Oliver, DRIVE Sales Marketing Director

Keeping More to Yourself

keeping more to yourselfOne unexpected consequence of a new software implementation is that traditional business practices may be challenged and even changed for the better

The process of taking stock and house-cleaning that inevitably accompanies a new software implementation can cast a pretty harsh light on some aspects of a business; things that have been quietly acquiesced to and allowed to prevail because that's just the way things are. In fact, less than being quietly acquiesced to, sometimes they're happening outside the line of vision of those who should know about them. Nowhere is this more true than when it comes to discounting.

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Standing Up to Scrutiny

scrutiny picThe demands on business for compliance and due diligence are becoming ever more onerous – even if they weren't, their benefits are tangible

An often overlooked benefit of a single, robust system such as DRIVE as compared to piecemeal legacy systems is found when undertaking due diligence and in demonstrating compliance.

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Graduate Push at DRIVE

Drive Software Solutions Graduate Recruitment schemeCareer opportunities at DRIVE for dynamic graduates

DRIVE has launched a graduate recruitment programme to create opportunities for bright ambitious graduates to work with the latest Oracle systems and toolsets as they are deployed in the dynamic and demanding world of the fleet automotive business.

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The Forest for the Trees

forest picWith more than five-and-a-half thousand vehicles to manage, the Forestry Commission needs fleet management software it can rely on

How big is your fleet?

There are 5606 vehicles and other machinery in the Forestry Commission's fleet in England, scotland and Wales.

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DRIVE is a complete Leasing, Rental and Fleet Management software solution relevant to all vehicle management operations, and suitable for cars, commercial vehicles and specialist vehicles such as materials handling.

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