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Talk of opportunity might sound premature and even bullish in the current market. However there’s no denying that those organisations happy to stop panicking for long enough to take honest inventory of their situation are, if not flourishing, then doing something better than merely surviving.

Taking care of core business without being side-tracked by the unnecessary distractions of transient non-core business is key to consolidation from where growth can eventually emerge.

In understanding what lies at the heart of our own businesses, we can better apply our expertise to the enterprises of others. At DRIVE we describe this as advocacy of advice based on expertise. Whatever you call it, the key is maintaining focus.

Simon West-Oliver, DRIVE Sales Marketing Director

Listen. That’s the sound of opportunity

Andrew-Burns-of-Drive-Software-SolutionsAndrew Burns, DRIVE’s managing director, recently completed his first year with the organisation. This is his current view of the marketplace, 12 months in

Rising customer expectations and an increasingly fast moving competitive market, mean that vehicle leasing is going to see more change in the next five years than it has seen in the past 20, but to truly unlock profitability, there needs to be greater honesty and realism on the part of both leasing companies and their systems providers, that’s the surprising conclusion of Andrew Burns, the Managing Director of systems house DRIVE Software Solutions.

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Introducing DRIVE Professional Services

Mark Swann, Principal Consultant of DRIVE, describes how DRIVE will be seamlessly implemented and the personnel that will do it  

hl prof servicesDRIVE Professional Services supports the implementation of DRIVE software within our clients’ businesses, so that the clients make best use of this sophisticated software. We wouldn’t give a client DRIVE and simply expect them to get on with it. The aim is that rather than change the software to match the business, the business evolves through best use of the software.

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DRIVE delivers for eircom

img eircomKevin Murphy is DRIVE Administrator for eircom, principal provider of fixedline and mobile telecommunications services in the Republic of Ireland

How big is your fleet?

We have 3500 vehicles in total.

How is the fleet made up?

Currently we have 2400 vans, 450 specialist vehicles, 350 cars and 300 mechanical aids.

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DRIVE is a complete Leasing, Rental and Fleet Management software solution relevant to all vehicle management operations, and suitable for cars, commercial vehicles and specialist vehicles such as materials handling.

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