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Nothing stays the same for long and that is especially true in the world of fleet management and vehicle leasing right now.

The burgeoning internet of things is heading for automotive as surely as night follows day, with vehicle manufacturers rushing to deliver exciting new services thanks to their latest generation of connected cars.

For the world of fleet management, mobility is a much-discussed concept, but the killer challenge for most is how to deliver what the customer wants, i.e. seamless switching between different modes of transport, without drowning in crazy levels of extra admin behind the scenes. In this edition of Drive Talk our Product Director Martin Drake explains how it’s being done.

This is an exciting time for DRIVE as our technology is now helping some of the most successful leasing and fleet management organisations to begin to deliver mobility solutions their customers, giving them a real edge in the market.

Simon West-Oliver, DRIVE Sales Marketing Director



How technology can open new doors for your your leasing company

how tech can open doorsTo massively over generalise, there are essentially two types of vehicle leasing company in the UK today, really big ones and the rest.

Looking at the technology that automakers such as Mercedes, Nissan and BMW are building in to their vehicThe really big ones are characterised by having massive fleets and huge numbers of customers the rest tend to have much smaller fleets and more modest numbers of customers. Other than scale, the key difference between the two groups of leasing companies tends to be in the type of customers they have.

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DRIVE plays a leading role in industry events

simon west-oliver industry eventsDrive Software Solutions, is committed to making fleet and the vehicle leasing sector in particular a better, more efficient version of itself and with this in mind we have been working actively with the industry trade body, the BVRLA (British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association) and the IAFN (The International Auto Finance Network).

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Confident TCH Leasing go forward with DRIVE

Mark Hammon and Simon West OliverDRIVE is very pleased to report that we are now live with TCH Leasing, one of the best known names in the UK vehicle leasing market, with over 5,500 vehicles leased to business customers all over the UK and another 2,000 for which TCH Leasing provides fleet management.

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