DRIVE Project Management

DSSL believes that the key to a professional software project implementation is the correct structuring of the client engagement. This applies equally to existing clients as well as new ones.


DRIVE PS works to establish;

  • A proper governing structure around any project.
  • Proper planning.
  • Proper resourcing.
  • Professional execution.
  • Well understood constraints.
  • Well understood timelines.
  • Well understood and agreed scope.
  • Identification and management of project risks.

As a project progresses, new risks are identified and issues are dealt with. DSSL frames things upfront and treats every implementation as a distinct project or set of projects.

To this end DSSL puts a Project Manager in place, to deal with the client on a day-to-day basis. Facing off against the client's own project managers, the DSSL Project Manager makes sure that everything DSSL does matches and is agreed with the client and meets expectations.

DSSL ensures that project managers are professionally qualified, recognised, disciplined and trained, so as to be fully abreast of the latest practice.

The DSSL project manager controls the project plan, ensuring risks are identified and adequate resource is in place with engagement at the right level to allow for required client end flexibility within the project.

The DSSL project manager ensures project scope is maintained and if it does change that change is agreed and everybody understands the reasons for it and its implications.


Please liaise with your local DRIVE Representative/Account Manager for further details.


DRIVE is a global cloud-based solutions provider and strategic mobility company. With over 30 years’ experience and an ongoing commitment to our core market to deliver asset management solutions in the evolving mobility sector, we are a partner trusted by the biggest names in leasing across the world.

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