DRIVE Professional Solution (PS) Architects

DRIVE Professional Solution (PS) consultants often become involved in client discussions around integration of DRIVE into their wider business, to assist in maximising the business benefits, shaping the client business and easing any transition regarding the introduction of a new system or processes.


By adopting a wider, 'helicopter view DRIVE PS consultants are able to advise on many aspects, not just the software itself.

Meeting clients needs?

How does this service fit into the overall business strategy of the client?

  • Business mix.
  • Markets
  • Business shaping.
  • Service and product delivery.

DRIVE products support client business objectives with active input from the Solution Architect who takes a view across all of the client's requirements, adding a best advice component.

The broad knowledge, product leadership and consulting experience that the Solution Architect offers, means that DSSL can contribute a high value benefit into both the client and the relationship.

Currently DRIVE has two such Solution Architects;

  1. Martin Drake, the DRIVE product owner, operating mainly in the UK, Europe and potentially the USA.
  2. Andy Ingram, a long time DRIVE Consultant, with particular experience/expertise in the Australian marketplace, who covers the ASPAC region.


Please liaise with your local DRIVE Representative/Account Manager for further details.


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