DRIVE Technical Consulting Services


DSSL technical consultants deal in specific areas regarding the topology clients require DRIVE to be implemented on. From On-premise, hosted managed service to SaaS.

  • Migration
  • Interfacing and integration of DRIVE within other dependent applications.
  • Reporting and management information
  • System Upgrade support


The key to any successful implementation is the migration of existing data from legacy systems, enriched and then put into the DRIVE implementation. Migration is a technical exercise and usually involves some level of data cleansing.

Key areas of concern when migrating data arise from;

  1. In contract setup in the legacy system,
  2. The way the legacy data is to be treated within DRIVE
  3. Measurement.

Most legacy systems lack the structure and controls found within DRIVE. As a result, some client problems have persisted 'under the radar'. Data migration to DRIVE can highlight previously unidentified business risks within existing systems, when the information is brought into DRIVE.

Typical examples include;

  • Items that have been written off
  • Under billings
  • Non-invoiced vehicles.

Such problems do not occur in DRIVE which forces a lot more control. DRIVE ensures a high degree of reconciliation between DRIVE and the legacy systems with a reconciliation process which also needs to be planned/managed as well.


DSSL suggests that Clients have three key issues to consider, in this area;

  1. Migrating the data,
  2. Reconciliation
  3. Ensuring visibility, explanation and management of inconsistencies.

Interfacing and integration of DRIVE within other dependent applications.

DRIVE is a transaction processing engine, it does not itself incorporate any accounting function, with a requirement to interface into a separate General Ledger or Accounting, package.

DSSL has completed integrations with most of the mainstream ledger systems, including SAP and Oracle Financials.

DSSL expects that other 3rd party applications will form part of the client architecture, including;

  • Credit scoring systems.
  • Credit management systems.
  • Front end systems.
  • Reporting applications.

It is the role of the DRIVE technical consultant to assist in the definition, creation and setup of these interfaces and to ensure that data is passed at the correct time.

Reporting and management information.

With DRIVE installed and in operation, DSSL finds that client management teams need to have detailed and on-going information about a wide variety of business information, to enable and assist them in their on-going management.

Common issues include;

  • Business performance.
  • Underlying trends.
  • Forecasting
  • Business sources.
  • Identifying bad business.
  • Identification of good business.
  • Dashboards

DSSL offers a specialist, technical consultant in the business intelligence (BI) space to assist in this regard. The consultant is a specialist in Business Objects, data warehousing, data marks and systems integration.

The consultant's role includes DRIVE as well as the other key core systems within a client's architecture so that the management in the client gets a rounded view of the business. Where this includes an existing data warehouse, DSSL can integrate with the data warehouse.

System Upgrade Support/Regression Testing

Completing a safe upgrade of DRIVE, with due regard for the potential risks is taken very seriously by DSSL.

Where clients lack relevant skills within their organisation DSSL can assist by putting people with specialist knowledge in place at the client end.

This knowledge gap encompasses the technical upgrade and extends to;

  • How to test that upgrade with their business mix,
  • What new features and new functions exist within the system being upgraded for which the client lacks knowledge
  • Maximising the business advantage from the new system capabilities
  • Replacing other existing legacy systems and using DRIVE more fully within their operations.

Idealised General Upgrade process;

  • Initial regression testing – involving System Team and Super Users
  • Fixes, issues patched and once regression blocking issues are resolved, the database can be refreshed and key issues are tested once more to ensure resolution.
  • Appropriate refresher training and revised documentation for end users
  • Change management project.

Although the upgrade code itself is free, this service being incorporated within the annual DRIVE Support/ Maintenance contract payment, and any post upgrade issues being managed under the standard error/issue log approach, there is an apparent gap, in the early stages of this process, particularly around the necessary planning and testing.

DSSL can provide technical consultancy support to clients seeking additional, skilled resource. Such consultancy will usually relate to a new system upgrade support service, which is flexible enough to allow it to be tailored to meet a client's particular circumstances.

Availability Terms

Please liaise with your local DRIVE Representative/Account Manager for further details.


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