DRIVE Testing Consultancy Services

DSSL has introduced a new role of a DRIVE Testing Consultant. These additional resources are made available to help clients manage from initial smoke tests through functional system and integration testing to user acceptance testing (UAT).


Many of its clients lack expertise in the area of UAT. DSSL helps clients short circuit this by putting in a testing consultant in a specific client supporting role.

DSSL frequently encounters clients employing third party organisations for testing who lack an understanding of how to test a product like DRIVE because they don't know functionally what it does or the logical sequence to execute tests in or how/when to group tests.

DSSL testing consultancy services includes helping clients to structure testing, monitoring and evaluation processes correctly, providing guidance such as;

  • Exit and entry criteria for various cycles of the tests.
  • Information gathering
  • Reviewing the success of testing.
  • Establishing/monitoring the KPIs.
  • Managing the level of errors.
  • Reporting on the level of errors coming and quality indicators.


Please liaise with your local DRIVE Representative/Account Manager for further details.


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