Customer Management

All customer and supplier information can be stored in the DRIVE system within the Companies module.


These company records allow for detailed information about the organisation to be held in a single location and in a standard format. This methodology simplifies both data entry and data loading from external sources.

Analytical reports and basic pipeline management is supported with simple workflow and task management to ensure a full proactive sales management process.

There are seven (7) types of companies within DRIVE. Each is designed to support various processes and functions.

  • Auction House - for external vehicle disposal suppliers
  • Customer - for internal customers
  • Dealer - for external vehicle suppliers
  • Finance Company - for external funding companies
  • Insurance - for external or internal insurance providers
  • Lease Company - for external lease vehicle providers
  • Supplier - to record generic suppliers such as dealers and maintenance suppliers

Companies can further be grouped into hierarchies to provide additional functionality for billing, pooling and reporting.

Information which can be held against a company record includes, but is not limited to;

  • Company contacts
  • Contact details
  • Bank details
  • Account manager
  • Credit limits
  • Market segmentation

Within the Companies module DRIVE also offers Customer Policy functionality. The Customer Policy function allows you record your customer’s specific needs, requirements and rules within one screen, which can be called and viewed anywhere in the system.

DRIVE can also interface with external sales tools such as Salesforce.

Business Benefits

Below we suggest benefits that may be realised using this module. These are Cost Savings, Business Growth Opportunity and Risk Mitigation:



Single location for all company data

Company specific functionality



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