Martin Drake at Lease Europe

DRIVE inspires Leaseurope Car Leasing Working Group

Drake was invited to present to Leaseurope’s Car Leasing Working Group which is responsible for developing positions on car leasing for Leaseurope the organisation which acts as a pan-European umbrella for all of the national vehicle and rental trade bodies such as the UK’s BVRLA.

Talking to a high level audience made up of board members from national associations as well as directors of household names such as Leaseplan, Alphabet, Arval, Drake pulled no punches saying that “the 3 year, 60,000 mile contract will be a thing of the past” and “corporate car policy will evolve to become mobility policy, characterised by composite contracts”, where the challenge will be to maximise usage. One of the biggest challenges for leasing companies, according to Drake is how firms cope with the concept of asset-less contracts and related incident management.

Talking about Martin Drake’s presentation, Richard Knubben of Leaseurope said

Martin Drake’s presentation at Leaseurope’s Car Leasing Working Group sent a strong message to automotive leasing companies regarding the need to be able to properly analyse and consequently utilise the ever increasing amount of data being generated by drivers and vehicles. Leaseurope is happy to have experts such as Mr. Drake on board within its associate membership program.


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