Martin Drake at the BVRLA

DRIVE points the way ahead for the UK vehicle leasing industry

The audience came along to hear from industry thought leaders on how vehicle rental and leasing companies offer can smarter, safer and more efficient road transport by addressing the big issues, the main challenges and the opportunities for their businesses that are presented by these technological developments. Speakers addressed Technology Roadmaps, Working with Fleet Suppliers and the Next Generation Supply Chain.

As DRIVE is a critical supplier to some of the biggest names in vehicle leasing, the BVRLA invited DRIVE’s own Martin Drake to be one of the key speakers. Martin presented alongside Matthew Key Head of Customer Innovation at BT Global Services, who looked at Blockchain as a new payment system for the sharing economy, Lee Hudson Chief Operating Officer at AppyParking and Rupert Pontin of vehicle pricing and data firm Glass’s Information Services who talked about issues of Remarketing and De-Fleet.

Martin used his presentation to highlight to the audience just how fast the business world is being altered by developments in technology and how they will need to adapt, particularly around mobile, saying

We now expect to be able to do all of our transactions with our mobile.

Cautioning the leasing companies from the naive idea that they can simply apply technical sticking plasters to their creaking old systems, Martin added,

IT is set to become hugely more complex, if we are not careful, we plug more and more bits into the system and we end up with Spaghetti. We should never underestimate the skills that are needed to achieve this, people development is a very important part of IT success.


DRIVE is a global cloud based solutions provider and strategic mobility company. With over 30 years’ experience and an ongoing commitment to our core market to deliver asset management solutions in the evolving mobility sector, we are a partner trusted by the biggest names in leasing across the world.