Arval doubles online disposals

The firm’s fleet disposals via its Motortrade platform jumped from 32% in 2016 to nearly 60% by the end of 2017.

Stuart Chamberlain, remarketing manager, commented, “The rate of change has been quite breathtaking and has meant a genuine shift in the way we handle remarketing at Arval. When you consider that we didn’t sell our first car online until 2010, it shows the complete transformation that we have seen in fleet disposal, especially when you consider that the overall volume of vehicles we sell has itself doubled in the same time frame.”

The changing structure of Arval’s fleet disposals resulted from a conscious strategy on the firm’s part and increased online demand from traders. Stuart Chamberlain explained, “It is all about fast, accurate and low cost methods of buying and selling cars and vans. We are able to reach more buyers directly, to sell vehicles more rapidly and to spend less doing so. Similarly, buyers can come to us for a huge choice of cars, buy them quickly and easily and have them for sale on their website or showroom in a very short time.”

Stuart added: “This is not just a UK or European phenomenon but a shift in the manner of selling ex-fleet cars that is happening in 29 countries around the world in which Arval operates. “We still use traditional auctions for some vehicles, notably specialised commercial vehicles, but we expect the trend towards using more and more online to increase.”


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