Simon West-Oliver at BVRLA industry events

Drive Software Solutions, is committed to making fleet and the vehicle leasing sector in particular a better, more efficient version of itself and with this in mind we have been working actively with the industry trade body, the BVRLA (British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association) and the IAFN (The International Auto Finance Network).

Martin Drake at Lease Europe

The fleet sector is set to undergo a revolution, with changes driven by advances in both automotive and non-automotive technology, evolving customer demands and market conditions creating new threats and opportunities for vehicle leasing companies in equal measure. That is was the vision set out by Martin Drake of DRIVE Software Solutions as he presented to some of the top executives in Europe’s largest leasing companies at the recent Leaseurope forum in Brussels.

The mobility landscape across Europe is changing, driven by a number of factors. Growing populations are increasing demands on an already constrained transport infrastructure that also has to cope with the changing needs of an ageing demographic. Old models of vehicle ownership and traditional travel habits cannot keep up with emerging requirements for seamless, integrated travel options. Individuals, funders, and organizations need to embrace the new concept of “total” or “intelligent” mobility, which involves making greater use of technology, and in particular data about travel patterns, to create a new approach offering more choice and greater flexibility about how people get around.



DRIVE is a global cloud based solutions provider and strategic mobility company. With over 30 years’ experience and an ongoing commitment to our core market to deliver asset management solutions in the evolving mobility sector, we are a partner trusted by the biggest names in leasing across the world.

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